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The Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care

Continuum of care is a national discussion in healthcare that is defined as a cohesive and linked manner of delivering healthcare. At Laser Spine San Antonio the continuum of care describes the course of treatments that all back pain patients should follow as they seek relief from their symptoms.  For example most acute back pain will resolve spontaneously with time.  Unfortunately, many patients will experience a recurrence of the back pain, usually within the first year. 

For those patients with continuing back pain, we recommend following a specific course of treatments ranging from more conservative physical therapy and over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen or naprosyn to more invasive injection therapy. Strengthening core muscles and losing weight may help resolve current and prevent future back pain. 

When initial measures are no longer working, pain management techniques including medications, epidural steroid injections or other treatments may bring relief. Only when our conservative measures have failed are minimally invasive surgical treatments considered. This continuum of care is so important to prevent serious health issues early and to have a low risk approach to the treatment of back pain for those who need care. Laser Spine San Antonio minimally invasive treatments for spine problems are an important and conservative intermediary between pain management and spine surgery.

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