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Our patients mean everything to us here at Laser Spine San Antonio.  That's why we take the extra steps to inform our patients with all of their options, ensure they understand all of the options available to them, and what our process looks like when choosing LSSA.

There are many surgical centers claiming to have the best way, best practice or a "new" fix to your back, neck and spinal pain.  While some may have the answer, we like to error on being upfront, honest and presenting only those options that make the most sense for YOU!.  Because we specialize in Minimally Invasive Laser Spine procedures our patients are generally in and out the same day, experience less trauma and scarring, and are back (no pun intended!) to doing what they love more quickly!  The difference between traditional open spine surgery vs. minimally invasive procedures there really is no comparison.  Gone are the days of HUGE scars,   large amounts of BLOOD LOSS, many days and nights in the hospital while you RECOVER, and being DOWN AND OUT of your active lifestyle. We invite you to learn more about what we offer, our world renowned back and spine surgeons, and why when you choose LSSA for your next MIS procedure you not just in good hands, but the best hands!

Many patients ask : "why choose LSSA over another San Antonio Surgery Center?"

The answer is a simple one.  We have the experience, knowledge and care to take the absolute best care possible for you or your loved ones.  As leaders in our industry, we have written many dissertations, participate in speaking engagements, and continually practice what we preach when it comes to Minimally Invasive Laser procedures of the spine.

We invite you to explore the links above on this page, and feel free to call our surgeons or send us an email with your questions at anytime!

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