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The Surgical Differences

Why choose Laser Spine San Antonio?

Laser Spine San Antonio physicians have been leaders in Minimally Invasive and Percutaneous Spinal Surgeries.  With these minimally invasive techniques, a small incision is made to allow access to the spine.  Using the latest advances in minimally invasive retractors, fluoroscopic technologies and cameras to localize the affected disc or nerve.  After the area is identified, doctors will slide the necessary surgical instruments between muscles and under bone and vertebral structures.  This approach minimizes blood loss and the collateral damage to muscles, nerves and bones that is common in more traditional surgeries.  The entire surgery can be carried out through this small incision without unnecessary muscle stripping.

In a more traditional surgery, an incision is made in the patients back, usually running the length of the spine.  From there, the spine is exposed and the affected areas are treated.  To gain access to the spinal column or vertebral bodies it is a common practice to strip muscle off of the bone, remove lamina, and cauterize muscle.  These open techniques may increase recovery time for patients.  Another concern is that the patient is at a much higher risk of surgical complications due to more widely open exposure of the spine.  Furthermore, there always is scarring to the surgical area that can cause nerve and muscle problems after surgery.

With LSSA’s Minimally Invasive Approach all muscle attachments remain intact and there is minimalized damage to muscle and bone and ligaments.  This shortens the recovery itself.  Also, scarring is minimal due to the smaller incision.

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